CIDAUT Foundation is a private non-profit institution committed to strengthening the industrial fabric in the transport and energy sectors, through specific research and development programs. CIDAUT is a major player among technological centres and maintains a presence in line with its stature in the main Spanish and European technological areas, where it works to promote the productive advances of its clients

CIDETEC is a technology centre, member of IK4 Research Alliance, expert in the generation and transfer of knowledge and technology in the fields of materials, surfaces and energy. Our mission is to increase, through the development of new products and processes, innovation capacity and competitiveness of enterprises

ITRB is a Global Engineering Services provider in aerospace, present in 4 European countries. ITRB can count on sound experience on the subject thanks to deep and detailed investigation conducted for OEM and First Tier Supplier onto Materials and Standards distribution in on-going Aerospace Programs.

PBLH International Consulting SPRL is a worldwide provider of consulting and technical assistance services, working in partnership with public organizations and private companies. PBLH is focused on program and project management, and the staff has managed projects of several million EUR for the European Commission with high successful ratios

  • Research and Development 95%
  • Industrialization 80%
  • Testing and Technological Service 90%
  • Materials 40%
  • Energy 30%
  • Surfaces 30%
  • Engineering 94%
  • Materials 90%
  • Aerospace Industry 96%
  • Technical Assistance 89%
  • Engineering 84%
  • Event Management 92%

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