REMART will optimize the use of existing recycling technologies, designing an efficient and environmental recycling protocol for each piece or set of pieces of the HTS.


The first step in this work is the development of a comprehensive survey of market surrounding the recycling of HTS. In parallel with the market survey of recycling processes a study and analysis of all materials and coatings used in the manufacturing of HTS will be developed.


Once all materials have been identified, just like their main coatings and surface treatments, it may be combined each piece with their most suitable recycling processes.


The next stage of the project is the quantitative evaluation of the recycling processes. With all this information it is possible to develop a tool for designing and developing recycling protocols for each component of the HTS.


Two different demonstrator components will be used in the project (tail gear box and intermediate gear box) to validate the recycling protocols developed.


Finally, the last stage of the project consists on the cost-effectiveness analysis of the two recycling cycles: (tail and intermediate gearboxes see below figures).